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About Nutritional Therapy

How does it actually work? 
Why is it so successful?
And who can benefit?

Why nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy works by addressing the root causes of low energy, ill health and disease, rather than just the symptoms.  Symptoms can often be traced back to an underlying cause, which may be nutrient deficiency, food intolerance, poor digestion or another imbalance.  By identifying and correcting these, removing stresses and toxins from the body, and improving the process of digestion, people can very often be helped to address their ill health and achieve enhanced wellbeing.

Every one of your organs and body systems depends upon getting the right raw materials in the form of nutrients to be able to work properly. Nutritional therapy helps the body to heal itself naturally through diet because it aims to supply the right nutrients to enable all the body’s core functions (such as energy production, heart pumping, liver detoxification) to work as they are designed to do.  The human body has considerable self-healing powers if it is just given the right ingredients.

However, it can be difficult to get those ingredients right.  Many factors in the modern world can interfere with our balance of nutrients: the way our food is produced and transported, stress, chemical pollution, etc.  This can lead to minor health problems or, over time, to serious illness or disease.

Nutritional therapy is a complementary medicine that can therefore supply the crucial building blocks for the restoration of energy and health and wellbeing.  It can be helpful whether you simply need more energy to get through busy days, or are managing a chronic condition.  It can also be very supportive for anyone undergoing treatment from a doctor, consultant, psychiatrist or other complementary therapist.

How does it actually work? 
And Who can benefit?
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